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FICTION | THRILLER These two authors certainly know the art of bluffing and nerves-playing! —METRO (review of their previous title UNE PARTIE EN ENFER) Five hostages, five Facebook accounts, millions of likes: Dead or alive, we all choose together. An impossible choice, in seven episodes… “Help me!” When Charles reads this message on his friend Erasmus’ Facebook, […]

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The Arab of the Future series (L’Arabe du futur)

They reveal the easy charm also displayed in Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis” volumes, setting up a central, and often amusing, tension between a pictured child protagonist and that same person’s adult, retrospective narration. The reader easily shuttles back and forth between naïve and knowing perspectives, the two combined in the space of a frame. — Hillary Chute, […]

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Mind and Life: Caring Economics

An intriguing report on unusual objectives pursued through outreach and debate.—Kirkus Reviews CARING ECONOMICS. Conversations on Altruism and Compassion, between Scientists, Economists, and the Dalai Lama Preface by His Holiness The Dalai Lama — Includes 31 images (world rights cleared) — Table of Contents below Edited by Tania Singer, director of the Department of Social […]

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With a View Below the Sea (Avec vue sous la mer)

TRUE STORY – preface by French philosopher Yves Michaud The exact opposite of [the 1970s TV series] THE LOVE BOAT, this passionate and well-documented book about the travel industry’s shadow side is accompanied by a preface by philosopher Yves Michaud, who has thought a lot about luxury and tourism. — GQ This title is not […]

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50 Preconceived Ideas on Agriculture and Food

ESSAY What is really happening on our plates and in the countryside? We hear so many contradictory claims about agriculture and food. This book takes stock of the state of scientific knowledge, and distinguishes truth from falsehood regarding all our preconceived ideas. “Enlightening. Essential.” ~ Nicolas Hulot 50 Preconceived Ideas on Agriculture and Food gives […]

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Momo of Les Halles (Momo des Halles)

UPMARKET FICTION “The result is splendid. We tremble with Maurice. We hope with him. Oh! He is strong, this Momo of Les Halles!” – Le Parisien “The story is very strong. Momo has moved me a lot” – Eliette Abecassis “Momo of Les Halles deserves to be counted among the best novels of the year.” […]

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Fidelities (Les fidélités)

LITERARY FICTION Consumed by guilt, a husband and father forces himself to make an impossible choice between his wife and his mistress. “A portrait like a mirror exploded into fragments, in which we’ll all recognize ourselves a bit, whether we’re the one who cheated or who got cheated on, or neither one or the other, […]

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The Historical Dictionary of Paris (Dictionnaire historique de Paris)

HISTORICAL | NON-FICTION  Written by more than 40 specialists in 400 entries  with 200 color and black & white illustrations, this book explores the characters, places, events and evolutions that have made Paris unique throughout the ages. From A to Z, this dictionary reveals the history of the Ville Lumière: events, institutions, cultural life, art, intellectual […]

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Turkish Delight (Turks fruit)

LITERARY FICTION – CLASSICS Like Henry Miller, Wolkers writes with a tremendous appetite for life and a painterly approach to the sensuous. He is a refreshing stylist. – New York Times Book Review Turkish Delight may hit the jackpot here. It is racy, graphic, funny  – and, once readers get used to the author’s sexplicitly sexual […]

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The Positive Trait Thesaurus

PRACTICAL GUIDE | CREATIVE WRITING ‘In these brilliantly conceived, superbly organized and astonishingly thorough volumes, Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have created an invaluable resource for writers and storytellers. Whether you are searching for new and unique ways to add and define characters, or brainstorming methods for revealing those characters without resorting to clichés, it […]

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