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Work the System. The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less

BUSINESS | ECONOMY | MANAGEMENT “I say this without hyperbole: Work the System is one of the most useful business books you’ll ever read.” —Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA and The First 20 Hours“Instead of ‘follow your bliss and the money will appear’ Sam advocates, ‘fix the mechanics… and the bliss and money will appear’.”—Rodney […]

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Networking Is Not Working

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT Networking always sounds like a simple concept — but as we’ve all discovered, it can be a maddeningly mysterious and elusive reality. Three cheers, then, for Derek Coburn. In this terrific book, he explains why your efforts to connect may be falling short and provides an arsenal of effective strategies for building […]

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A Plea for the Animals. For a Kindness Towards All (Plaidoyer pour les animaux. Vers une bienveillance pour tous)

ESSAY Are animals mere things, here for us to exploit? Or are they rather sentient, often intelligent beings, entitled to live their own lives? Matthieu Ricard examines theological, philosophical and scientific thinking on both sides of the issue and concludes that without doubt we must recognize each animal is an individual deserving of our compassion […]

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The Choose Yourself Stories

MOTIVATIONAL | NON FICTION  James Altucher: The most interesting man in the world – Forbes Mr. Altucher is simply practicing what he preaches. Over the last half-decade, this former tech entrepreneur, venture capitalist and financial pundit has reinvented himself as a gimlet-eyed self-help guru, preaching survival in an era when the American Dream — the gold-embossed college […]

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Gypsy Blues

LITERARY FICTION Jean Vautrin makes words dance. He is a ballet master by profession — Jean Teulé The great return of Jean Vautrin, winner of the 1989 Goncourt Prize: with his inimitable wit, he slips into the skin of a young gypsy boy. Raised by his violinist grandfather who survived the concentration camps and his stepmother […]

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AN OBAMA’S JOURNEY: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery Across Three Cultures

MEMOIR The book is captivating. It gave me new insights into Mark’s life with his half-brother, “A deft memoir […] oddly engaging”—Kirkus Reviews “President Barack Obama, as well as the limited time that he had with his father, Barack Obama, Sr. This book is a compelling read for those who are very interested in learning […]

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Nina’s Journey (Le Voyage de Nina)

FICTION Her name is Nina, like Nina Simone the jazz singer. She is the little blue girl of her artist parents. Life is a feast until they die in a plane crash. Being forced to live with her grandparents whom she didn’t know, Nina decides to do the impossible: she escapes and waits for her […]

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Odessa’s Promise (La Promesse d’Odessa)

WOMEN’S FICTION New edition – Preface by Tatiana de Rosnay, author of Sarah’s Key A sentimental education set in tsarist Russia, with a foreword by the author’s grand-daughter, international best-selling author Tatiana de Rosnay. An epic tale set in the Russia of the last tsars, and a promise of escape. Like all sixteen-year-old girls, Zinaida […]

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FICTION | THRILLER These two authors certainly know the art of bluffing and nerves-playing! —METRO (review of their previous title UNE PARTIE EN ENFER) Five hostages, five Facebook accounts, millions of likes: Dead or alive, we all choose together. An impossible choice, in seven episodes… “Help me!” When Charles reads this message on his friend Erasmus’ Facebook, […]

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The Arab of the Future series (L’Arabe du futur)

They reveal the easy charm also displayed in Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis” volumes, setting up a central, and often amusing, tension between a pictured child protagonist and that same person’s adult, retrospective narration. The reader easily shuttles back and forth between naïve and knowing perspectives, the two combined in the space of a frame. — Hillary Chute, […]

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