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Mighty, Mighty

CRIME | FICTION “Like a fine tattoo artist blending blood and ink, Rudolph engraves portraits of complicated individuals onto the rough skin of Mighty, Mighty with no antiseptic — only the recalcitrant images of real people in pain . . . A masterful sophomore effort (following the success of Rudolph’s Four Corners), Mighty, Mighty is […]

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Goddess of Love Incarnate. The Life of Stripteause Lili St. Cyr

NON-FICTION | BIOGRAPHY St Cyr, like so many in her business, scrabbled to break out of poverty. Luckily, her grandmother Alice remained a stabilizing influence in her childhood. She taught St. Cyr and her sisters to sew, an art they used in making costumes for the burlesque acts. What Alice also taught her was to […]

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Love in the Anthropocene

FICTION | SHORT STORIES | ENVIRONMENT For readers of J. G. Ballard, Naomi Klein, and George Saunders. “Nadzam’s prose is just gorgeous—she writes about people and skies and mountains and landscapes with incredible precision and appreciation of beauty. A reader can swim in these sentences and soak up the landscape via the prose with great […]

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Clint. The Life and Legend

BIOGRAPHY | NON FICTION Pitiless.—Le Monde A damning indictment of the man and the culture that lionizes him.—The Washington Post The most thoroughly demythologizing book yet written on modern Hollywood.—The Los Angeles Times A weighty, hugely informative effort, one befitting a subject of Eastwood’s continued importance. –The Film Stage With just one syllable, the man […]

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Attempts to Make Something of Life. The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old

FICTION Delightful and moving […]. Between hilarious quips about life, Hendrik regales readers […]. Engaging and hilarious, Hendrik’s diary gives a dignity and respect to the elderly often overlooked in popular culture, providing readers a look into the importance of friendship and the realities of the senior care system in modern society. — Publishers Weekly Difficult […]

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CRIME FICTION “As sharp as a straight razor. But a lot more fun. Count me a huge fan.” —Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author of Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel. “Gangsterland is rich with complex and meaty characters, but its greatest strength is that it never pulls a punch, never holds back, and never […]

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The Reader on the 6:27 (Le liseur du 6h27)

FICTION When the passion of reading seizes the machine of solitude… An original and feel-good debut novel, which renders a generous reflection on human relationships and an ode to simple life, love and literature. Discrete employee Guylain Vignolles works in the book pulping business and is in charge of a formidable machine that shreds unsold […]

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The Orange Grove (L’orangeraie)

LITERARY FICTION Larry Tremblay’s The Orange Grove is one of those books that change you. It fundamentally changes how you think and feel about a major contemporary issue. But it is also a book that makes you feel conflicted about that change, largely because that issue here is suicide bombings. […]But, nonetheless, I think that […]

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