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Turbulence (Turbulentie)

INSPIRATIONAL MEMOIR In Turbulence, Annette Herfkens puts spiritual insights and teachings into practice, describing both effortless and mindful transformation of consciousness, in a concise and compelling way.—Deepak Chopra This is a book for those who want to see beyond the miracle – to find another miracle waiting. —Jackson Taylor, author of The Blue Orchard Throughout this […]

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Avoiding Tolls (Eviter les péages)

LITERARY FICTION | DEBUT NOVEL An excellent novel about a mid-life crisis, told simply, efficiently and humorously. — Le Soir A great success! — Metro A novel that exposes men’s touching fragility. —Femmes d’aujourd’hui A concentration of wanderings and flashes, touching sentences, formulas and references that deeply move us. —Elle Continue, fall in love again, […]

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The Dope on Rugby (Rugby à Charges, l’enquête choc)

NON-FICTION | SPORT In The Dope on Rugby, Pierre Ballester shines a bright light on the dark subject of performance-enhancing drugs in rugby, answering important questions like: Do rugby players use performance-enhancing drugs? Yes, and they’ve been doing so for years. Taking dope is pretty much the norm, given the evolution of the game, the increasingly violent collisions and […]

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FICTION | SHORT STORIES “Arnold really knows how to write a spellbinder. Once readers open this collection of eight short stories and novellas, they will not want to put it down. Arnold’s mastery of voice is exceptional.” –Booklist “A gutsy, up-close look at mountain climbing around the world…Arnold has crafted a fierce book for those […]

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I Like You (Tu me plais)

THRILLER A ruthless, page-turning thriller, written exclusively for Le Livre de Poche, that ratchets up the tension in its dark reflection on love and chance. Love at first sight can lead to the worst… especially if the object of your affection is a serial killer. Vincent is a seductive young man who seems perfectly respectable. […]

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Amazing People Worldwide (series)

REFERENCE | INSPIRATIONAL We can all learn how to improve our own performance from the achievements of amazing people. – Dr Charles Margerison Amazing People Worldwide is home to the world’s largest collection of inspirational, biographical stories about amazing people including Walt Disney, Aristotle, Marie Curie, Galileo, Queen Victoria, Confucius, Helen Keller and Elvis Presley. This unique […]

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The Last Days of Video

FICTION Funny, raucous, and deliciously irreverent, Jeremy Hawkins’s debut novel offers up an engaging cast of characters who bicker and lust and love their way through the roller coaster ride of Star Video’s final days. This generous, big-hearted novel is a joy to read.—Ben Fountain, author of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Winner of the […]

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  CRIME FICTION Cracked is the first book of a trilogy featuring an unlikely heroine – Danny Cleary is a crack addict. She investigates her sister’s murder, and seeks redemption and revenge. Nora Charles (from The Thin Man) meets Breaking Bad… BOOK 1: CRACKED Danielle Cleary is a nice middle-class girl with a bad habit. After her stormy marriage to the love […]

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The Remnant (O remanescente)

LITERARY FICTION History and fiction intertwine in the tale of Hugo Simon, Jewish banker, influential art collector, socialist politician and a leading light of Weimar Germany, declared enemy of the State in 1933, after Hitler’s rise to Power. Fleeing initially to Paris, Simon was forced to seek refuge in South America after the fall of […]

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The Society of Experience

LITERARY FICTION A swirling confident debut, supported by crisp prose without misstep, and containing many more original ideas than books three times its slender size. Sly and slippery fun – I thought of Ben Marcus and J. G. Ballard… writers who say don’t worry I know what I’m doing as they break from the pack. –Tony […]

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