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Wounded Wolves (Les Loups blesses)

THRILLER | DETECTIVE NOVEL “Christophe Molmy succeeds in offering an ultra-realistic text without falling into the trap of the succession of anecdotes from his experience as a policeman or into an optimistic Manichaeism.” – MetroNews “Jittery writing, efficient intrigue, endearing heroes.” – Paris Normandie “A first novel that sounds true.” – TéléMagazine “Christophe Molmy has always […]

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Heir to the Empire (L’Empire en héritage)

HISTORICAL FICTION “Beware of uchronies; they can be awfully fun.” – Paris Match “An incredible trip in the footsteps of Napoleon.” – RTL “A successful novel on the tragic destiny of L’Aiglon.” – Le Figaro “This historical novel, a real page-turner, takes us from Vienna to Paris and Sainte-Hélène, and from intrigues to manipulations, no […]

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Rather No Applause Before I Live (Liever geen applaus voor ik leef)

LITERARY FICTION ‘A funny, smart and sweet story.’ – Brabrants Dagblad ‘This novel belongs to the category of promising debuts of young writers.’ – De Gelderlander ‘Sincere appeal for slowing down.’ – Eindhovens Dagblad ‘At the best moments Sander van Leeuwen succeeds in generating compassing for his characters who are caught up in melancholy.’ – […]

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I Don’t Want Passion (Je ne veux pas d’une passion)

After Fidelities, Diane Brasseur keeps exploring the love triangle theme, but this time in a more intimate, more disturbing and more analytical way. – Selection Libraires Ensemble “S’il n’en restait que 100”  With “I don’t want passion”, Dianne Brasseur proves that she definately has a singular and right voice. – Elle The intimate scenes succeed […]

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Together Forever (Juntos Para Sempre)

FICTION Money, fame, success: a seemingly perfect life if it wasn’t for the nightmares afflicting Alan every time he fell asleep. A woman perishing in a bonfire, a declaration of love. This recurring tragic journey leads him into the morning. Overwhelmed by distress, he embarks on a trip to a secluded, idyllic small town. Skeptical […]

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Avoiding Tolls (Eviter les péages)

LITERARY FICTION | DEBUT NOVEL An excellent novel about a mid-life crisis, told simply, efficiently and humorously. — Le Soir A great success! — Metro A novel that exposes men’s touching fragility. —Femmes d’aujourd’hui A concentration of wanderings and flashes, touching sentences, formulas and references that deeply move us. —Elle Continue, fall in love again, […]

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The Dope on Rugby (Rugby à Charges, l’enquête choc)

NON-FICTION | SPORT In The Dope on Rugby, Pierre Ballester shines a bright light on the dark subject of performance-enhancing drugs in rugby, answering important questions like: Do rugby players use performance-enhancing drugs? Yes, and they’ve been doing so for years. Taking dope is pretty much the norm, given the evolution of the game, the increasingly violent collisions and […]

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I Like You (Tu me plais)

THRILLER A ruthless, page-turning thriller, written exclusively for Le Livre de Poche, that ratchets up the tension in its dark reflection on love and chance. Love at first sight can lead to the worst… especially if the object of your affection is a serial killer. Vincent is a seductive young man who seems perfectly respectable. […]

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The Open Plan Killed Me (L’Open space m’a tuer)

ESSAY – HUMOR An office? With four walls, a door and daylight coming in? No way! We are living in the open plan era. This convivial and communal space is to businesses what Facebook is to its users: a place to see and to be seen. In such a context, it is suitable to like […]

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Generation Hangover (Génération gueule de bois)

“Fascinating from start to finish.” —Canal+ “A great reading enjoyment, an excellent book, both regarding France, politics and Europe.” –Nicolas Demorand, France Inter “As beneficial as an Alka-Seltzer on a hangover.“ –Julie Malaure, Le Point “An implacable demonstration, to read without delay.” –Bernard-Henri Lévy, Le Point “A book of combat, exciting from beginning to end.” […]

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