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Autopilot. The Art and Science of Doing Nothing

POPULAR SCIENCE “A tour de force of an academic field that doesn’t really exist just yet – the science of being idle. Andrew Smart synthesizes a whole range of cutting-edge ideas in neuroscience, dynamic systems theory, psychology, literature, pop culture, and philosophy, and gives us a hugely entertaining read about what we do most of […]

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The Morgenstern Project (Le Projet Morgenstern)

THRILLER THIRD VOLUME IN THE CONSORTIUM TRILOGY: Vol. 1: THE BLEIBERG PROJECT Vol. 2: THE SHIRO PROJECT From London to Tel-Aviv, from the Polish forests to Manhattan high-rises, from the shameful past to the threatening future, a man fights to protect his closest friends from the malediction that never leaves him. Eytan Morgenstern is back […]

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The First Month With Your Baby (Votre premier mois avec bebe)

PARENTING – CHILDCARE When a child is born… the father and mother have lots of questions! Especially if it’s their first… How do you handle the crying, sleeping, burping, breastfeeding, bathing? How can you tell if your baby is hungry, cold, or has a stomach ache? Between the opinions of grandmothers and the latest fashionable […]

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POETRY – 100 BLACK-AND-WHITE LINE DRAWINGS “One of performance art’s royalty.” — Roberta Smith, New York Times “She’s my idol.” — Lady Gaga “Bizarre but brilliant. She sticks with her own thing.” — Courtney Love Read advanced press coverage in The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, GalleyCat, and NPR. It’s nearly 50 years ago that […]

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Murder at the Ritz (Meurtre au Ritz)

HISTORY | GOURMET | CRIME Michèle Barrière is a French culinary historian and the bestselling author of a dozen historical & gourmet crime novels. Each of her very popular books are set between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and include ancient recipes of renowned chefs of the past. With Murder at the Ritz, Michèle Barrière […]

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Hemingway lives!

LITERARY BIOGRAPHY “Sigal … writes with pizzazz and sensitivity.” —from Booklist‘s starred review of A Woman of Uncertain Character “There hasn’t been anything like it since Grapes of Wrath.” —from the San Francisco Chronicle review of Sigal’s Going Away   With the release of a flurry of feature and TV films about his life and work, and the publication of new […]

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Material Witness

CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC-SUSPENSE | CRIME “Mondello’s latest, a pulse-pounding, pitch-perfect addition to the romantic-suspense genre.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Named one of Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2012 Who does she trust when she’s living the real life horror of one of her crime novels… Bestselling crime novelist, Cassie Alvarez, aka Cassie Lang, had murder on her […]

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Wealth, Value and the Inestimable: A Socio-Ecological Criticism of the Capitalist Economy (La richesse, la valeur et l’inestimable : Critique socio-écologique de l’économie capitaliste)

SOCIOLOGY | ECONOMY A major book that deconstructs the premise of liberal societies, according to which everything must be measured and valued in economic and financial terms. Can you give an economic value to nature? To well-being? To knowledge? To mankind? To community services? And yet this is what neo-liberal societies do, whereas on our planet […]

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Their Debt, Our Democracy (Leur dette, notre démocratie)

POLITICS | ECONOMICS How can elected representatives under the control of the people be replaced? What prospects are opened up by the “outraged” movements which challenge the world’s oligarchies? The European authorities and finance impose one austerity plan after  another. And they all fail. Right wing, left wing, or composed of  “technicians”, governments have but one obsession: […]

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To love till you lose your mind: Autopsy of a Passion (Aimer à en perdre la raison: autopsie d’une passion)

AUTOBIOGRAPHY This is the true story of an incredible passion. A passion experienced by the author, a famous psychologist, when she was merely 20 years old, with a young man of sublime beauty, a shining star but who was already somewhat wandering in the gardens of madness. Nathanael, since that is his name, is the great love […]

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