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Glucksmann, Raphaël

Raphaël Glucksmann left France at age 20 to live in Algiers and work at the newspaper, Au Soir d’Algérie. There, he witnessed fatwas against journalists and cartoonists, dozens of which were murdered by the Islamists of the Armed Islamic Group. He then moved to Eastern Europe where he saw first hand the Rose Revolution (Georgia, 2003) and the Orange Revolution (Ukraine, 2004). In 2013, he participated in the EuroMaidan revolution. He is the director of documentaries about the Orange Revolution (Orange 2004: a European revolution) and the Rwandan genocide (Kill them all!). His books Generation Hangover. A manual to fight against reactionaries and Our France - To tell and love what we are met with success with both critics and readers and positioned him as the most influential intellectual of his generation. He has been a columnist for the weekly newsmagazine LObs since 2016 and the director of Le nouveau magazine littéraire since December 2017.

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