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Valente, Luize

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Luize Valente is a filmmaker and journalist, with more than two decades of experience in television, currently working at Globonews, Globo TV cable channel. Luize has always been fascinated by History, with a special interest on themes related to Judaism, what led her to Israel in 1998. With photographer Elaine Eiger, she published the book Israel Routes & Roots, in1999. Again with Elaine Eiger, she produced and directed the documentaries Paths of Memory: The Trajectory of the Jews in Portugal (2002) and The Star Hidden in the Backlands (2005.) The documentaries were exhibited in national and international film festivals. The Secret of the Shrine is her first novel. She is working on a new novel built around the personality of the Portuguese diplomat Aristides Sousa Mendes, a historical character, who, serving in Bordeaux, France, during the II World War, gave hundreds of passports to Jewish families, saving their lives.

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