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Abdolah, Kader

A staple of Dutch literature, Kader Abdollah (Iran, 1954) debuted in 1993 with the short story collection The Eagles. With the successful novels Cuneiform (2000), The House of the Mosque (2005), The King (2011) and The Parrot Flew Over the Ijssel (2014) he won both Dutch and international readership. The House of the Mosque was even voted the second best Dutch novel of all time. His books have been translated in more than 20 countries. In 2011, Abdolah wrote on behalf of the CPNB, the short story, “The Crow”. Kader Abdolah is a pen name created to honor friends who died under the Iranian regime. In 1988, at the invitation of the United Nations, he moved to the Netherlands as a political refugee.

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