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Bilbao, Jon

Jon Bilbao (Ribadesella, 1972) is a mining engineer with a degree in English Philology. He has authored the collections of stories 'Like a Horror Story' (Salto de Página, 2008, Critical Eye Award for Narrative), 'Under the Comet’s Influence' (Salto de Página, 20120, Euskadi award for Literature) and 'Family Physics' (Salto de Página, 2014). He has also written the novels 'The Brother of the Flies'(Salto de Página, 2008), 'Fathers, Sons and Primates' (Salto de Página, 2011; Other Voices, Other Rooms Award) and 'Shakespeare and the White Whale' (Tusquets, 2013). He currently lives in Bilbao where he works as a translator.

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