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Attias, Jean-Christophe

Jean-Christophe Attias, born in 1958, is a French historian and specialist of Jewish Thought, for which he holds a chair at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Sorbonne). He regularly engages in the French public debate on issues of racism and discriminations, he cofounded the « Pari(s) du Vivre-Ensemble », an annual culture festival, and has been awarded the Seligmann Award against Racism, Injustice and Intolérance in 2006. He has published or edited 15 books, some of which have been translated into English: "Israël, the Impossible Land" (Stanford University Press, 2003, with Esther Benbassa), "The Jews and Their Future. A Conversation on Jewish Identities" (Zed Books, 2004, with E. Benbassa), "The Jew and the Other" (Ithaca, Cornell University Press, 2004, with E. Benbassa). Attias is currently working on the place and function of the Bible in Jewish culture and imagination. His main interests include: history of the Jewish exegesis of the Bible in the Middle Ages, especially in the XVth-XVIth Century Mediterranean (Spain and Byzantium), exegesis as a literary genre; history of culture and representations : the image of the proselyte in Jewish culture, Judaism and its « margins » (such as Karaism), the place of the « Land f Israel » in Jewish memory, etc.

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