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Musso, Guillaume

Born in 1974 in Antibes (near Cannes), Guillaume Musso first encountered literature at the age of ten, and from then on, he became convinced that one day, he too would write novels. At the age of 19, Guillaume Musso left for the United States, where he spent several months, discovering and falling in love with New York. To pay for his trip, he took a job as ice cream vendor, and he lived with workers of varied nationalities. He admits to having learned a lot during that time. In any case, he returned to France with his head filled with ideas for novels. After getting a degree in economic science, he decided to become a teacher to transmit and share his knowledge with young people.

In 1998, Guillaume Musso had a car accident. Fortunately, he came out of it unharmed but it got him thinking about Near Death Experience. The accident inspired him to imagine a story about a man who came back to life after a brush with death. He submitted Afterwards, his first novel, to Parisian publishers.

Bernard Fixot, founder and CEO of XO Editions, was completely seduced by his powerful mix of love and supernatural, and decided to bet on this young author. Now, Guillaume Musso is a phenomenon. Through his eight novels, translated the world over, this 36-year-old has conquered the hearts of millions of readers, and has imposed an original style, where suspense and emotion are closely woven together. More than 10 Million copies of his books have been sold in France, and they have been translated into 34 languages!

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