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Moshiri, Farnoosh

Farnoosh Moshiri is from Teheran, born into a literary family. Her uncle was something like the National Poet of Iran--he's deceased. She was trained as a playwright, and attended the University of Iowa's creative writing program. She returned to Teheran in time for the return of Khomeini. A couple of years later the authorities rounded up all of Teheran's playwrights, actors, and others associated with the theatre and demanded that they sign a document by which they would agree to write and produce only plays that had the approval of the authorities. Farnoosh and most of the others refused. From that point, Farnoosh knew her life was in danger and went into hiding. It was a year before she was able to escape Iran (with her infant son). She got to Afghanistan, which was involved in the Russian war then, and spent five years there. Finally she got to India, where she spent a year in poverty and had to do her writing in a closet because, outside of the closet, she had no privacy. After a year, she emigrated to the United States. She currently teaches college in Houston, Texas.

Her first novel, "Against Gravity", was published by Penguin US.

Her last novel "The Bathhouse", gained some international attention and translated into several languages.

She is also the author of "At the Wall of the Almighty", of a collection of short stories, "The Whirling Dervish and the Pomegranate Tree", one of which was recently made into an opera (for which Farnoosh wrote the libretto) and performed in Houston, Texas where she lives.

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