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Yelling, Talking, Singing: The Voice’s Mysteries and Powers (Crier, Parler, Chanter: Mystères et Pouvoirs de la Voix)



Original Language: French | 200 pp. | March 2019

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (US & Canada) rights


A narrative and educational scientific exploration of the mysteries of the voice, written by an expert and teacher of the art of voice and speech. This unusual book is fun, really well written and abounds in scientific facts. It relates the amazing history of the voice and offers methods to understand how it works.

Few people can hear their recorded voice and identify it as their own – even fewer can appreciate what they hear. This “stranger that sounds like us” is a better way to identify us than our body shape. You just need a few words to know whom you are talking to: the voice is an accurate imprint.

We do not know our own voice. We do not pay attention to it. And yet, it is quite meaningful since it is the “page layout” of our speech. It is also an astonishing instrument and we can easily learn how to play it, just as one learns how to play the piano or the violin. We can learn how to yell, talk, seduce, convince, sing, etc.

An exercise workbook allows the reader to rediscover the keys to tame and work on their own voice.

Perrine Hanrot studied philosophy and literature and was a lyrical singer for 20 years. Today she teaches the art of voice and speech in companies and to private clients. Public speaker and coach, she works with people who want to find their right, flexible and captivating voice, and teaches them how to modulate and work their instrument in order to be heard. Yelling, Talking, Singing is her first book.