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Wounded Wolves (Les Loups blesses)



Original Language: French | 336 pp. | March 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.

Rights sold: TV rights

Finalist of the Prix du Goéland Masqué, Prix Landerneau, Prix du
meilleur polar des lecteurs de Points, Prix du polar de Cognac

Over 10,000 copies sold


“Christophe Molmy succeeds in offering an ultra-realistic text without falling into the trap of the succession of anecdotes from his experience as a policeman or into an optimistic Manichaeism.” – MetroNews

“Jittery writing, efficient intrigue, endearing heroes.” – Paris Normandie

“A first novel that sounds true.” – TéléMagazine

“Christophe Molmy has always dreamed of a life: his own … Robberies, hostage-situations, frenzied … interfere in his daily – inevitably novelistic – life.” — Libération

Cops and thugs caught in an inescapable and deadly escalation of violence. A fatal sequence of events leads to chaos. Two wounded old wolves. One has been worn down by a life of robbery, extortion and years behind bars: Matthéo Astolfi, a high-ranking criminal. The other by his job, pressure from his superiors and being betrayed by his informants: Renan Pessac, police commissioner in Paris. Their fates will collide. They’ll keep tabs on each other through robberies and tailing, tracking each other down. Both of them are looking for an impossible redemption, hoping to escape their fate. Until total chaos erupts.

“A spray of gunfire ricocheted off the passenger-side door, hitting the windshield, which imploded with a deafening crash. The transporter ducked for cover, screaming at the top of his lungs, his palms glued to his ears. With bullets striking the armored vehicle like hail, he curled all six-feet-two of himself into a ball under the steering wheel in a bid for safety. Even with his mouth hanging open, he felt like he was suffocating, the blood frozen in his veins. His heart was about to explode when the storm suddenly stopped. Unable to move, Fabien took deep breaths to try to calm the staccato beating of his heart, and cocked an ear. Outside, car doors slammed and tires squealed; a woman’s scream reverberated briefly, then silence returned, bringing relief.”

A stunningly masterful first novel. The writing, the rhythm, the dialogues and the impeccably constructed scenes make Christophe Molmy a highly promising new author of detective fiction.