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A Woman’s Anatomy, My Body’s Hormonal Diary (Anatomie d’une vie de femme épanouie, le journal hormonal de mon corps)

Author: ,


Original Language: French | 192 pp. | April 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and North American rights.


In a humorous and tactful way—without inhibitions—France Carp gets down and dirty with an almost taboo subject – the hormonal journey of a woman.

With the help of Catherine George-Hoyau, the author tells us about her hormonal turmoil – how the body changes at puberty, the first period, the desire to have or not have a child, sexuality, male attraction, hiccups in life, the spare tyre that shows up age 50 and those mood swings. Every woman can relate to her turmoil.

From puberty to the onset of the menopause and its acceptance, each moment in a woman’s body’s life is discussed with the help of scientific and medical expertise – a family planning expert, gynaecologist, psychoanalyst, nutritionist, naturopath, relaxation therapist, oncologist and sexologist.

Without being like a manifesto, this book, co-written by women, has a feminist approach!

France Carp is a health and well-being consultant using a neuro-scientific approach. She teaches at Paris XII university, writes for several women’s magazines and has published several non-fiction books.

Catherine George-Hoyau is the editor-in-chief of Pleine vie and former editor-in-chief of Mellow. As a journalist for women’s press, and a health and well-being expert, she has also published several young adult books and co-authored a contemporary fashion dictionary.