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To the Wild North-West (​Le Grand Nord-Ouest​)​



Original Language: French | 320 pp. | August 2018

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic, and North American rights.


Late 1930s, Yukon, Alaska. An adventuress flees California with her daughter and, braving myriad dangers, strikes out in pursuit of her ghosts on the Amerindian trails of the wild north-west with a mysterious and crazy map as her only guide.  Bud Cooper, who crosses paths with her, recounts the story of this adventure which is told to him fifteen years later by the daughter, but at the risk of losing himself with her in the outer expanses of the imagination.

Who better than Bud to understand how Jessie became Fox Nose in Kloo Lake, then Tooth Giver, and then Niyah, which means long and thin? To understand how at the age of six she lived exclusively with the Indians, which the FBI agents and the dear Plunkett sisters who took her in afterwards will never find out about?

A tale of love, adventure, initiation, Amerindian myths and legends, a western set in the wild north, and a whirlwind of Hollywood and literary fictions, Le Grand Nord-Ouest is an all-embracing novel. And the pleasure of reading it is all-embracing too.

The author of a first-rate literary oeuvre, Anne-Marie Garat won the Prix Femina for her novel Aden (Le Seuil) in 1992. Since then, she has received acclaim for her major trilogy spanning three generations, consisting of the celebrated novel Dans la main du diable (Actes Sud 2006), L’Enfant des ténèbres (2008) and Pense à demain (2010). Most recent works: Programme sensible (2012), La Première Fois (2013, ‘Essences’) and La Source (2015).