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Wild Life (La Vie sauvage)



Original Language: French | 336 pp. | August 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Winner of the Prix Filigranes 2017

Over 8,000 copies sold

100% translation subsidy by the Wallonie-Bruxelles cultural center


Gunzig revisits and gives a fresh look to the theme of the “noble savage” returning to civilization, but the world has changed significantly since Tarzan. A magnificent novel, both classic and sardonic, dark and funny, light and serious. — Prix Filigranes jury

The myth of the wild child at the digital age. — Philibert Humm, Paris Match

A perfectly amoral and totally pleasing novel. — Avantages

Completely amusing, romantic, Machiavellian, immoral and lucid, a true
success. — Courrier de l ‘Ouest

The jungle is not what you think it is. Thomas Gunzig proves it with humor. — Livres Hebdo

Charles, the only survivor of a plane crash, is taken in by mercenaries. During fifteen years he lives in a jungle of Central Africa. When Google finds him, he goes back to Belgium where he discovers urban polluted civilisation as well as his family: an aunt who is obsessed by her body and consumption, an uncle who is a dishonest and smug mayor, a teenage cousin who is lost in the depths of the internet and an ungraceful, sulky female cousin. Schooled with them, he observes with curiosity and detachment his classmates and the old teaching staff committed to helping him integrate into the civilised society, its customs, its moral.

However, he has left behind in Africa September, the girl he loves and he cannot get over her…

For the autumn literary season, Gunzig revisits and rejuvenates the theme of the savage man sent back to civilization. But the world has changed a lot since Tarzan. A beautiful novel, classic and sardonic, dark and funny, light and serious.


Thomas Gunzig, born in 1970 in Brussels, is the most awarded Belgian writer of his generation and his books are translated worldwide. A remarkable short story writer, winner of the Prix des Éditeurs for Le Plus Petit Zoo du monde, of the Prix Victor Rossel for his first novel Mort d’un parfait bilingue but also the price of the RTBF and the SCAM, the Special Jury Price, the Royal Belgian French Language and Literature Academy Prize and finally of the very sought-after and prestigious Prix Triennal du Roman for his last novel Manuel de survie à l’usage des incapables.

He is a star in Belgium and his many writings for the stage as well, as his radio chronicles, are very successful. As a scriptwriter, he wrote the Tout Nouveau Testament which sold two million tickets worldwide, rewarded by the Magritte of best scenario and nominated for the Césars and Golden Globes.