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Who? (Qui?)



Original Language: French | 318 pp. | 2013

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French.

Jacques Expert’s novels ADIEU, WHO and TWO DROPS OF WATER sold over 200,000 copies in total.

Jacques Expert works magic with news items, probing into the depths of psychology and enlisting all his force for this thriller that screams with truth. – Le Point


An old murder, four suspects: just one is guilty.

1994: Carpentras, southeastern France. At the Great Oak residential housing estate, everyone knows everyone and nothing ever happens. Until one day in March, when little Laetitia Doussaint is found raped and killed in the nearby woods. A heinous crime whose perpetrator will never be identified.

2013: Four men sit down to watch the TV show ‘Unsolved Cases,’ whose subject that evening is the Carpentras murder. Four men haunted by the case since that day they found Laetitia’s body. They were all neighbours at the time, all living in the Great Oak building. In the hour the program lasts, with its set of questions and revelations, they will remember. Their wives, too. Some secrets come back to the surface; old suspicions, things left unsaid. By the time the hour’s up, the veil will be lifted. One of our four men is guilty of Laetitia’s rape and murder. But which one?

With his new novel Jacques Expert gives us a formidable mystery and puts the reader’s powers of perception to the test. Will the reader be able to find out before the end of the program, and the book, who is guilty? A long-time specialist in French legal cases, the author, who as a journalist covered the famous Gregory case, uses the force of his experience to give his story a rare realism.