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What Happens in Bali (Nee heb je)



Original Language: Dutch | 352 pp. | February 2019

2 Seas Represents: World excl. Dutch rights

Over 75,000 copies sold of  Charlote de Monchy’s books


When Bobbie finds herself sitting on an ergonomic XL ball – curtesy of the business coach – and sees nothing but black spots, she realizes she might be a tad overworked. Luckily, her boss has found her a job on Bali, the island where her sister Lauren lives – the same sister whom she hasn’t spoken to in nine years. All Bobbie needs to do is organize the buy-out of a local surf school, so the company can use the land to build a luxury resort.A piece of cake, as the letter of intent has already been signed.

Afterwards, she’ll have plenty of time to make up with her sister and recharge on a white bounty beach. When she arrives on Bali, things take an unexpected turn. Her sister isn’t exactly overjoyed when Bobbie shows up on her restaurant’s doorstep, massive suitcase in tow. And Samuel, the surf school’s owner, claims he’s never laid eyes on the letter of intent. Yet, Bobbie is certain she can convince him to sell and she books a few surf classes to get closer to him. As they spend time together, the wonderful climate and Samuel’s laid-back attitude and irresistible charm have quite the effect on Bobbie, making her wonder if maybe, just maybe, she’s the one who should be making a change instead?

Charlotte de Monchy (1979) studied communication science at the University of Amsterdam. She writes cheerful, sparkling feel-good novels. She lives in Bali with her family.