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What Do The Chinese Think When They Look At The Mona Lisa



Original Language: French | approx. 250 pp. | October 2012

Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and English (USA & Canada) Rights.

Rights Sold: Korean (Geulhangaris).

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the French can be funded by the Centre national du livre in Paris.



A new dialogue that shares the philosophies, ethics and politics of two civilizations, that don’t know each other well, and questions together the notion of society.

What do the Chinese think when they discover in the Louvre what we consider a masterpiece? What do they think of us? What do they think of our culture? These western works of art occupy such a visual place and feed our perception of the world in such a loaded way that we consider them our works.

From this, the author invites an intellectual of a different sensibility, a Chinese, to understand the standout works of western art. He examines, with a fresh eye, the religious works of Giotto, Fra-Angelico and Botticelli as well as the humanists Van Eyck Holbein, Matsys and Dürer through to the human psychology of Caravaggio, da Vinci and Picasso.

Art becomes a pretext to bridging mutually unknown civilizations and a means to compare two schools of thought – Paris and Beijing.