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The Waffle Factory (De wafelfabriek)



Original Language: Dutch | 176 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: World excl. Dutch rights.

English sample available

Selected for the Fall 2017 ’10 Titles from Holland’ brochure of the Dutch Foundation for Literature


“A beautiful, transparent narrative revealing deeper layers of human interaction with seemingly simple themes.” Ronnie Terpstra, Van der Velde Bookstore

An allegory? A fairytale? A dystopia? Whatever it is, Helinski is a born storyteller. — **** NRC

​​The ​W​affle ​F​actory is a fascinating, mysterious book​ […] a universal story that ​continues to haunt us. —****​ Knack Focus​

A powerful and highly original novel about leading and being misled

The workers at the waffle factory have been living to the rhythm of their waffle machines for years. Until one day Arka Narovski appears, a tall and charismatic ex-soldier. Not long after his arrival, the workers lay down their tools. A protest ensues. But against whom or what exactly, and why?

The Waffle Factory is a timeless novel about how easy it is to mislead the masses, but also about the desire to be misled.

Strong points

  • The long-awaited new novel following Helinski’s successful Bloemkool uit Tsjernobyl (Cauliflower from Chernobyl)
  • An allegorical and urgent novel about the way groups work
  • For readers of Jose Saramago and Ernest van der Kwast
  • Received a great deal of attention in the national media
  • Bloemkool uit Tsjernobyl was nominated for the ANV Debut Prize

About Cauliflower from Chernobyl:

“A magnificent portrait of an impossible father, a literary character who is one in a million. A powerful debut.”— Arjen Fortuin, NRC Handelsblad

“A heart-warming debut, full of rich details and observations, and free from clichés.” De Volkskrant