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Original Language: French | 416 pp. | September 2016

2 Seas Represents: World English, Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Rights sold: Germany (Diogenes).

English sample available

Over 8,000 copies sold

Selected for the Prix des lecteurs Quais du polar/ 20 minutes.


A tribute to the early years of rock’n roll and pop culture!

From Pigalle to the shores of Loch Ness, from Sydney to the Blues Highway, Vintage is at once thrilling and humorous. A road-trip punctuated by murders and high-speed chases, it travels back along the cultural, artistic and technical roots of rock n’ roll.

Passionate about instruments, a young guitarist who does odd jobs for a well-known shop is instructed to deliver an antique guitar to an eccentric British collector. Once there, in a manor next to Loch Ness, he accepts the extraordinary mission to track down the prototype of a mysterious, cursed guitar: the legendary Modern (supposing it ever actually existed).

Five years of research and amazing knowledge have resulted in a vintage-style novel with a nod to the Phantom of the Opera and incredible reverie, to the beat of the American road movie, the artistic and technical origins of blues, rock’n’roll, heavy metal, and their guitars.