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The Unpredictable Journey Of A Lost Thing (Lo Strano Viaggio Di Un Oggetto Smarrito)



Original Language: Italian | 287 pp. | May 2016

2 Seas Represents: World English, Dutch and Nordic rights.

Rights Sold: Albania (Dituria), France (Denoel), Germany (Blanvalet), Greece (Mamaya).

Full French translation and English sample available.

Over 30,000 copies sold.


What would you do, if you felt like a piece of lost property, one of those things no-one came to claim?

“Mamma, are you going away? Where are you going?” The woman doesn’t answer. In her hands she is holding her son’s diary and asking his permission to take it with her. “I’ll give it back to you afterwards,” she assures him. “And when will you be back?” asks the child. The woman doesn’t answer. Little Michele sees her get on the train that is going to take her a long way away. His father is a stationmaster and the house they live in overlooks the railway lines.

More than twenty years later, Michele is wearing the same uniform as his father, still living in the house overlooking the railway lines, his mother has never come back and he is surrounded by lost property, the items he finds on the train in the evening when life in the station stops and which give him a feeling of safety: because objects don’t go away, don’t promise they’ll come back, don’t let you down.

But one evening on the train Michele finds the diary his mother had taken away with her. How did the diary come to be on that train? Was it his mother who left it on the train twenty years after leaving? Encouraged by Elena, a girl he has met by chance, and who would like to pierce the armoring and find a way into his bulletproof heart, Michele sets out on a journey in search of his mother. It is to be a journey filled with encounters and unforeseen events, a full-immersion course in survival and discovery, leading to an unforeseeable ending which is to change his own life and the lives of those around him forever.