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Tulku, Memoirs of a Lama, Reborn into the West (Tulkou, Autobiographie d’un lama réincarné en Occident)



Original Language: French | 298 pp. | January 2019

2 Seas represents: English (US & Canada), Dutch and Nordic rights.


With a preface from the Dalaï-Lama

In this unprecedented autobiography of a lama child’s life and experiences, Elijah Ary reveals how, when confronted with his unusual destiny, he shouldered the burdens of the past and forged his own, unique path.

Canada, 1976. Elijah Ary is four years old. He has dream-memories, and comes out of them citing names, characters and places from old Tibet. The Buddhist masters confirm his visions as fact and, at the age of eight, Elijah is acknowledged by the Dalai Lama as the tulku – the reincarnation – of Tibetan scholar Guéshé Jatsé, master
of meditation.

From age fourteen, in the Indian monastery where he lived until the age of twenty, Elijah learned Tibetan and received an exceptional spiritual and philosophical education. With the Dalai Lama’s blessing, he returned to the West to share his knowledge, and obtained his PhD at Harvard University in Religious Studies. Existing amidst several countries, languages, cultures and religions, Elijah Ary has become a living bridge between East and West, tradition and modernity.

In this book, Ary relates his remarkable life story and spiritual evolution, and offers us an introduction of immense narrative value to Buddhism and to the practice of meditation.

Elijah Ary lives and works in Paris where he is a clinical psychologist and meditation master.

Extract from the Preface:

This book tells an extraordinary story: a boy, born in Canada to Canadian parents, is struck in his early childhood with clear memories of his previous existence as a monk and scholar in Tibet.

Western culture is generally quite skeptical of the idea of previous and future existences. Our spirits are fashioned by the experiences and habits it acquired in the past.

I saw this boy for the first time in 1980. I said to him, ”I know you! You are the reincarnation of Guéshé Jatsé, the erudite and respected master of the Sera monastery in Tibet.”