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Original Language: French | 207 pp. | March 2014

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Rights sold: Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), Germany (Blanvalet/Randomhouse), Russia (Centrepolygraph).

Summer 2014 print publication with Le Livre de Poche


These two authors certainly know the art of bluffing and nerves-playing! —METRO (review of their previous title UNE PARTIE EN ENFER)

Five hostages, five Facebook accounts, millions of likes: Dead or alive, we all choose together. An impossible choice, in seven episodes…

“Help me!” When Charles reads this message on his friend Erasmus’ Facebook, he laughs at it. “Well, Erasmus, little sleep? Down this morning?”

But Erasmus does not answer. He will not answer. He and four others in London have been kidnapped.

So begins the most incredible hostage crisis the world has ever seen. The man who detains the five victims organizes a public vote on the web: “Choose the one you want to save.” And to show how serious he is, he kills one of the hostages, coldly and live on Facebook. “That one, you could not save. Which of the four others will you save?”