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Treat Yourself Well: 30 Experiments in Nature to Lead a Better Life (Faites-vous du bien. 30 expériences nature pour vivre mieux)



Original Language: French | 250 pp. | April 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French


Careful, this book will bring you a contagious ‘joie de vivre’!

This profound yet light book will bring a pause in your life.

Accessible to all, it advises you thirty fundamental experiments that are concrete and effective against stress, and opens the doors to serenity. It takes you by the hand and into the woods to breathe, touch, taste, change rhythm to get back in touch with the trees and animals, to reconnect with the earth and with your deepest roots, who still speak in your deepest self. Because by moving away from nature, we moved away from ourselves, and it is a priority for each of us to recharge, to find the forgotten foundations of our balance.

Try out purr therapy, take a hay bath, sleep under the stars, dialogue with a horse, hug a tree, watch flies fly by, do some gardening in town, boost your dopamine, snack on flower buds, swim with fish, play with dogs, heal with plants, try lama therapy, walk bare foot, take naps, cook, and take the time to relax and meditate.

In a constant back and forth between your inner nature and the outdoor nature, between ancient knowledge and scientific progress, this original book full of common sense takes you on the small paths of happiness.

Marc Giraud is a naturalist, a writer specialized in zoology and a radio presenter. He has authored many works on nature, including The Kama-sutra of Damselflies (Le Kama-sutra des demoiselles), Darwin for Dummies (Darwin c’est tout bête), the trilogy Lane-side Nature (La nature en bord de chemin), Lane-side Animals (Les animaux en bord de chemin) and most recently, with Allary Editions, The Almanach of the Seasons.