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Tragical Wisdom. The Good Use of Nietzsche (La Sagesse tragique. Du bon usage de Nietzsche)



Original Language: French | 192 pp. | 2006

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Sold: Brazil (Autentica).


An introduction to the Nietzschean philosophy

One century after the death of Nietzsche, we haven’t yet considered how his philosophy brought huge revolutions. Indeed, several kinds of “parasites” have hindered us: a sister who distorted his legacy, two wars, and an ideology which brandished his name in order to be useful for causes he would have without a doubt denied, and, more seriously, an impressive series of dishonest readings and ill-intentioned interpreters…

All that contributes to draw a wrong portrait of Nietzsche, so fake and dangerous that it was urgent to correct it. That is what Michel Onfray intends to do in Tragical Wisdom. For the hedonistic author which is Onfray (who always claimed that his own thought owes a lot to The Gay Science), this is all about a tremendous exposé of the original Nietzscheism and a moving “acknowledgment of a debt” to a major philosopher. That explains this “introduction to Nietzsche” whose tone is meant to be at once pedagogical and tinged with gratitude.

Born in 1959, Michel Onfray is one of the best known French philosophers in the world (translated into 22 languages). He is the author of books where he expresses a hedonistic, ethical, political and pedagogic vision. He was awarded the Prix Médicis Essais in 1993, and one of his latest books, Traité d’athéologie (Treaty of atheology), is a best-seller (300,000 copies sold).



Brazil (Autentica)