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Towards a Happy Consumption (Vers une consommation heureuse)



Original Language: French | 250 pp. | October 2014

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

A very well documented book, full of energy and optimism that makes you want to act and helps us to become more savvy consumers, motivated citizens, and happier people!—Psychiatrist and author Christophe André


Today, the entire world has a religion: consumption. Persuaded that it is the key to our individual happiness, we search to always consume more, even to the point of debt. Persuaded that it is the key to our collective happiness, our political leaders only speak of raising and increasing consumption and growth.

Individually, studies show that once our essential needs are satiated, happiness decreases with the consumption of material goods. Collectively, (over) consumption exhausts natural resources: this mad race will experience a halt in less than 30 years.

In this book Elisabeth Laville, a graduate of HEC, high-tech fan, and consultant for many large French and international companies such as The Body Shop and Patagonia, interrogates the greatest taboo of our society— consumption—and shows that today’s frantic consumption assures neither individual nor collective happiness.

About the Author:

Elisabeth Laville is the founder of “Utopies”, a pioneer firm in sustainability consulting for businesses. She has also founded the agency “Seeds of Change” and is the author of several books, including Shop Responsibly!, Green Business, A Job for the World, and Especially Me!, Practical Guide to Careers in Sustainability, Life in Green: Child, Fashion, Home, Office.