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To Live and Philosophize (Vivre et philosopher)



Original Language: French | 256 pp. | June 2011

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


In 1991, Marcel Conche accepted to answer in writing to thirty questions asked by the philosopher Lucile Laveggi. These questions are about happiness, illusion, appearance, beauty, war and about politics, faith, unbelief, Parménide and other subjects, and according to Marcel Conche, “I have answered in good faith within the limits of my sincere perception of the truth […]. I think that my beliefs would, though qualified and enriched, be still mine today.”

Professor emeritus at the Sorbonne, author of numerous books, specialist of Heraclite and Parménide, Marcel Conche is the thinker of a “Greek wisdom for the modern times”. He is a renowned teacher, with a growing influence on a readership in search of meaning. His return to the Antic moral ethics makes him the most actual elder among philosophers of our time.