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Their Separation (Leur séparation)



Original Language: French | 100 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: World rights excl. French.

Over 3,000 copies sold


A crack in one’s childhood, rendered with total modesty, accuracy and sensitivity. — Philippe Delerm

A beautiful book that moved me very much.  — Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

This story moves us through the youthfulness and even the innocence of its writing, by the very accurate evocation of the joyful memories of their” life of three. — L’Obs

A writing full of emotion.  — Sabine, Le petit carré jaune

Writing with extreme subtlety, the author tries to mend what was torn.  — Merlieux Lenchanteur

I was touched by this modest, intimate, delicate, and sensitive story that reveals a childhood wound.  — Les livres de Joëlle

Shocking and universal. A coup de coeur.  — Bénédicte, Entre les lignes

The sensitive pen of Sophie Lemp is a hit.  — Valérie, Les Chroniques de MLV

A novel in which everyone can find parts of themselves. Sophie Lemp gets to the heart of things and deals with childhood with tenderness. — L’insatiable Charlotte, France Bleu

This book is full of sweetness. It is like a sincere, touching present for real moments. It contains a sentimentality inside of it. A childhood. An existence. A perception of the world through a separation. — Nicolas Houguet

A very sensitive book, sincere and delicate. — Café Littéraire Gourmand

In the run-up to her tenth birthday, her life is turned upside down by her parents’ divorce. Thirty years on, she is not trying to understand or explain, but to speak this wound that is so hard to heal.

‘On that Saturday morning in January, my mother was waiting for me at the school gates. Like every other day, we walked down the rue des Boulangers, but instead of stopping at the intersection we turned left onto rue Monge. I looked back and noticed a removals truck parked outside our building. My mother held my hand tightly in hers.’

In early 1989, when she is about to turn ten, her life is turned upside down by her parents’ divorce.

The story of a disrupted life is juxtaposed against happy childhood memories of a family of three. Thirty years on, the little girl has grown up and fixes her gaze on the separation. She is not trying to understand or explain but simply speak the heartbreak, that feeling of betraying one whenever she is with the other, that pain that is sometimes still so alive. Why is this wound, shared by so many children, so hard to heal?

Following an acting career, Sophie Lemp is now a writer and adaptor. She regularly works on radio plays at France Culture and published her first book, Le Fil (Editions de Fallois), in 2015.