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Original Language: English (USA) | around 400 pp. | Sept. 2012

2 Seas Represents: World Translation rights.



This unputdownable trilogy consists of the following titles (click on the titles for a description on

Witches on Parole | Witches Under Way | Witches in Flight


Selling points:

  • 100,000 copies sold
  • all three books are in the 30 top rated fiction books on Amazon based on reader reviews
  • Witches on Parole has reached #5 in the Kindle store

This is a companion trilogy to the main series A MODERN WITCH (some of the same characters are the same), but it reads very well on its own. It is very much women’s fiction—journeys of self-discovery and sisterhood. Magic is very light in this trilogy.

Some amazing statistics about Debora Geary and her books:

* 23 KDP (self published and small press) authors reached 250,000 sales in 2012. Although not mentioned by name, Debora is one of those 23:

The relevant quote there, “Amazon announced that 23 KDP authors each sold over 250,000 copies of their books in 2012, and that over 500 KDP Select books have reached the top 100 Kindle best seller lists around the world.” Debora is one of those 23 authors and has 7 books that reached the top 100 last year.

* Debora’s books are in the Kindle lending library. 51% of people who borrow one of her books go on to buy others (even though they could just borrow the others).  Compare this to 24% for Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games!

*Debora is one of the top authors in Kindle Select (Amazon’s exclusive author program):