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The White Chamber (De witte Kamer)



Original Language: Dutch | 368 pp. | June 2018

2 Seas Represents: World excl Dutch rights.
English sample available


In a park in Leiden, a passer-by makes a shocking discovery: an emaciated body with the number 5 carved into its stomach. The victim used to work as a journalist for a well-known newsmagazine and disappeared a few months ago, leaving a goodbye note.

Detective Léon Coeur was suspended after a shooting incident and should keep a low profile, but he considers this murder as his chance to prove that his team can’t do without him. He calls in the help of his cousin Hanna, a promising criminology student.

When it becomes clear that the journalist was subjected to a ruthless Middle-Eastern torture technique – suspension in an entirely white chamber – they suspect that he knew too much about a recent terrorist attack in the centre of Amsterdam. Did the victim have a lead on a conspiracy? And was the refugee who died with the bomb’s detonation the real culprit? Step by step, Léon and Hanna come closer to the terrifying truth.

Samantha Stroombergen studied Dutch and journalism at Leiden University. She works as a copywriter in KLM’s Digital Content department and is a reviewer for the popular Dutch book forum Hebban.