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The Transparency Sale: How unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results



Original Language: English | 175 pp. | November 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl North America

Rights sold: Vietnam (DT Books)


Do you read reviews before making a purchase on-line, downloading an app or even taking an Uber ride?

Studies show that almost 97% of us do. Do you seek out the negative reviews before making a purchase online? Studies show we almost all do that, too. Do you believe it when a product has a perfect 5.0 score? Research shows a product with a star rating of 4.2 to 4.5 sells / converts more often than a product with a perfect 5.0. Yes, you read that right! The human brain is wired to resist being “sold to”… it makes decisions based on feelings, and justifes those decisions using logic. The Challenger Sale was an evolution in sales resulting from information availability, with buyers having practically all of the information they need to make a purchase decision before ever consulting with you, the sales person.

The Transparency Sale is the next evolution. Today buyers now have easy access to our pros and cons, too, without ever consulting with a sales person. We’ve been taught to sell based on logic, and taught to position our product or service as a perfect 5.0. We’re surrounded by transparency, except for our approach to sales. That’s changing. Are you ready?

Todd Caponi is a sales researcher with a passion for all things related to selling methodology and learning theory as well as his new nerdery, decision science. He spent four years building the revenue capacity of Chicago’s PowerReviews from the ground up as their Chief Revenue Ofcer. Prior to that, he’s held leadership roles with 3 other tech companies, including ExactTarget, where he helped drive the organization to a successful IPO and a $2.7B exit through the acquisition by A former American Business “Stevie” Award winner, VP of WW Sales of the Year, Caponi also owned and operated a sales training company. The Transparency Sale is his first book; he resides in Chicago.