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The Smell of Fried Bonito



Original Language: Turkish | 242 pages | Feb 2001 | 3 reprints

2 Seas Represents: Translation Rights World Wide, except Arabic.
Rights Sold: Arabic (Dar Kreidieh).

English Sample Available.

“The desire to live more than one life…”

A beautiful novel about Istanbul, the city of innumerable cultural and historical layers. After many years in New York, the main character is enticed by the nostalgic smell of fried bonito to return to his native Istanbul, only to find that he never really knew this city, the city which is not “one”. His phantasmagoric journey through the different ages and cultures of the megalopolis is at once a quest after culture and a journey of self-knowledge.

With its vivid descriptions of the ages and people that Istanbul has accommodated, The Smell of Fried Bonito can also be read as a literary exploration of what it is to be foreign and what “nativeness” involves.