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The Secret of the Shrine (O Segredo do Oratorio)



Original Language: Portuguese (BR) | 320 pp. | August 2012

2 Seas Represents: World English, Dutch and Nordic Rights.

Rights Sold: The Netherlands (Nieuw Amsterdam).

Film and TV rights acquired by Paula Fiúza at Canal Laranja and filmmaker Breno Silveira, director of Fox series One Against All.

English sample available.

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the Brazilian Portuguese can be funded by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Click here for more information.


This amazingly gripping novel talks about the underground Jews that have lived in Brazil for at least 400 years. A totally unknown piece of history even to most Brazilians!

Thousands of Jews came to Brazil during the Dutch invasion in the XVII century, because here they could practice their religion freely, under Mauricio de Nassau. When the Dutch were expelled by the Portuguese, these Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism ,becoming the so called New Christians, but they kept their religion underground. Nowadays, thousands of people in some dozen communities in the Northeast keep all the Jewish traditions but many times without any awareness that they are Jews.

The Secret of the Shrine is a novel that mixes adventure, mystery and a love story. In order to discover the origin of her ancestors, the protagonist, a young doctor named Ioná, starts a journey in the backlands of the North-East, passes by São Paulo and ends in New York where converted Jews from Brazil founded the first North American Jewish community. The journey is marked by revelations and encounters. When Ioná discovers a secret kept for almost ten generations inside a shrine, her life is forever changed.



The Netherlands (Nieuw Amsterdam)