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The Second Captive



Original Language: English (UK) | 308 pp. | July 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and Nordic Countries rights.

21,000 copies sold and in the US & UK top 10 psychological thriller category!


If you’re a fan of abduction thrillers, or interested in how Stockholm syndrome works, The Second Captive is a must read! – Keeper of Pages Blog

Eighteen-year- old Beth Sutton is abducted and held prisoner in a basement. Dependent on her captor for everything, Beth slowly starts to build a relationship with the man responsible for her imprisonment. But her abductor is guilty of more than just kidnap and she has the evidence to prove it. When she escapes from the basement Beth’s toughest challenge will be dealing with her memories.

Will Beth ever overcome her trauma? And what is the relationship between love and fear?

The Second Captive is a story about emotional dependency and the human condition.

Maggie James is a British author who lives in Bristol. She writes psychological suspense novels and her books are published by Thomas and Mercer and Bloodhound Books.