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The Saint (De Heilige)



Original Language: Dutch | 240 pp. | September 2019

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch Rights

Under option: Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia


Donatien is born in 1789 and has no sense of right or wrong. He leads an adventurous and romantic life as a charlatan, seducer and murderous robber. Despite his shaky morals, he will be remembered as the Holy Dieudonné of Metz.

After the immense success of his previous novels Rivers and The Pelican, Driessen’s new book is a tale of universal eloquence. Written with an irresistible panache, The Saint proves Driessen’s mastery again.

Martin Michael Driessen (1954) is a director of opera and theatre, a translator and a writer. His first book, Gars, was followed by Father of God, A True Hero and Lizzie. Driessen’s work, widely acclaimed by the press, has been nominated for various literary prizes and translated into English, Italian, German and Hungarian. In 2016 he received the ECI Award for Rivers, also nominated for the Fintro Literatuurprijs. His novel The Pelican (2018) was nominated for the Libris Literatuurprijs.