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The Runaways (Les fuyants)



Original Language: French | 132 pp. | August 2013

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English (North American) rights.

Rights Sold: The Netherlands (Nobelman).


Four men of the Hintel family decide to battle their filiation. But is the grass really greener on the other side? A tender and terrible tragicomedy, perfectly hilarious, built like a Rubik’s cube.

The family spirit isn’t really deeply rooted in Jacob, David, Simon and Joseph Hintel. They vanish, one after another. They say goodbye to family, dusty carpets and old age: life, even ordinary life, is elsewhere. Let’s be brave and leave. The first three runaways will suffer various fates: Jacob settles in the land of boredom, David chooses the land of eternity by swallowing an insecticide, and Simon rapidly goes in search of wisdom by becoming an active uncle since being a good husband was not an option. Only the youngest, Joseph, a fiercely Marxist hacker and bashful lover, breaks away from the perspectives and habits of the tribe.

Arnaud Dudek offers a new tragicomedy after his first novel Being Good. The characters in The Runaways wouldn’t want to be good—yet they are, in spite of themselves.