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The Practice of Meditation (Pratique de la médidation)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. + 1 CD | October 2012

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

The book comes with a CD but can be read independently. Rights acquisition of the CD is optional.
Download a selection of French reviews here and watch a video of the author here


ELLE Magazine: Everybody is talking about it, but nobody really knows what it’s about. It all becomes clear thanks to the new book by Fabrice Midal. […] False ideas are swept away, old hippie cliches are swiped away: the author, which has been meditating for 25 years, is a philosopher, publisher and founder of a meditation center gives a concrete, simple, non-religious, enthusiastic and enlightening talk about meditation. Sitting down and breathing has never appeared so revolutionary.

LE POINT: THE PRACTICE OF MEDITATION will surely become a classic in its genre. The proposed method is innovative, demystifies the exercise, and makes it accessible to a great number of people.

Fabrice Midal explains concretely how to meditate, he guides us step by step and answers all our questions. By paying attention to ourselves and the world around us, this work allows us to know our shadow part and discover the true peace of mind. The CD guides you through six mediations, concentrated on the notions of attention and presence.

The book comes with a CD but can be read independently. It is possible to buy the rights in the book alone.

The CD includes: 1. Introduction 2. Enter into a relationship with you 3. Keep the six points of posture 4. Inhabit the body, become one with your breath 5. Working with our thoughts 6. The focus in all its precision 7. Open the field of presence: develop our attention to our perceptions and emotions.