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The Perfect Mother is a Mythomaniac (La mère parfaite est une mytho)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. | May 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Rights sold: Czech Republic (Albatros)

Over 35,000 copies sold


Phew! The perfect mother doesn’t exist!

Are you a mother of a big family, a single mum, a pregnant woman, or a wannabe mother? Had enough of the Angelina J.s and her perfect tribe, of the Miranda K.s who pose in their ultra-sexy night dresses while breastfeeding their newborns on Instagram? Can’t stand social media full of more-than-perfect mothers displaying defined abs, perfect butts, and thin legs two weeks after the delivery (of course saying it was “the best day of their life!”)? Can’t take any more captions from these “mothers of the year” who always think about snack bags or school supply lists, etc.? This book is for you!

We can’t always be perfect at everything, all the time. We really can’t—especially with children! There is always failure since we’re only human…which leads us to think that the “perfect mother” is, in reality, a normal woman who wants us to think she’s perfect…Yes, she’s a compulsive liar!

A young, overwhelmed mother of two, Virginie Duplessy is a press, radio, and television journalist.