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The Patience of Buffalos In the Rain (La patience des buffles sous la pluie)



Original Language: French | 160 pp. | June 2011

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Sold: Italy (Marcos y Marcos)


LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR: “This book is simply fantastic, moving, intelligent and extremely funny. It will do you a world of good.” 

MADAME FIGARO: “…short texts that have the effect of little lucidity pills. […] From hope to disillusion, the writer perfectly seizes the ambivalence of the human being. Ouch, this is good.”

Foreword by Jean-Paul Dubois.

Lost illusions, love and broken hearts, expectations and resentment: this collection of short stories embraces our ordinary lives, between laughter and teeth grinding…

Among the hundred-ish characters sketched by David Thomas, readers will meet friends, acquaintances, neighbors and probably, if they are willing to admit, a little (or a lot) of themselves. In the manner of a sociologist who has swapped sly statistics for individual cases, the writer auscultates his contemporaries with a precision and a sense of incredibly effective brevity. The patience of buffalos in the rain opens a range of possibilities that give a scent of exotic journeys to the banality of everyday life.

I know that she loved me but she will never love me again. I‘m not suffering from it. I accept her absence as something irremediable. I‘m not waiting for anything, I only wish to find myself alone again without her faded picture. Time passes slowly on my hands, so slowly that I am despairing of it. So, sometimes, in order to reassure myself and because I refuse to fight pointlessly against what overwhelms me, I think of the buffalos in these African fields, which, when the storm beats down on savanna, stay strongly on their feet, lower their heads and wait, still, for the rain to stop. ~ David Thomas