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The Open Plan Killed Me (L’Open space m’a tuer)



Original Language: French | 200 pp. | March 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French

Fully revised and enhanced reissue of the bestseller published in 2008 at Hachette Littératures. 2015 publication in e-book format with Allary Editions and in print format with Pocket.


An office? With four walls, a door and daylight coming in? No way! We are living in the open plan era. This convivial and communal space is to businesses what Facebook is to its users: a place to see and to be seen.

In such a context, it is suitable to like your employer. Stress is an incredible motivating factor. The number of files and deadlines are a challenge. The boss imposes his diktat and the dynamic junior executive can only obey, with a smile.

Welcome to corporate 2.0, where burnouts and lay offs are the norm!

Business consultant Alexandre des Isnards is the co-author with Thomas Zuber of the bestsellers The Open Plan Killed Me (Hachette Littératures, 2008) and Facebook Killed Me (NiL, 2011) and author of the The New French Dictionary (Allary Editions, 2014)