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The Obese Christ (Le Christ Obèse)



Original Language: French (Canada) | 166 pp. | March 2012

2 Seas Represents: English (USA), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish Rights.

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the French-Canadian can be funded by the Conseil des arts du Canada and the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles.


Edgar is a timid and asocial thirty-something who has always lived in the shadow of his mother only recently passed away. One night, in a cemetery, he witnesses the brutal rape of a young woman that four horsemen of the Apocalypse leave for dead. Edgar decides to take the unconscious victim home. He makes a solemn promise to himself: he will be her savior.

But what does the young man, haunted by his mother’s memory, really know of the person he has rescued? Of her identity or of her past? Over the course of time, for better or for worse, a strange fusional relationship develops between these two beings.

Nervous and singularly humane, The Obese Christ is an implacable novel which digs down to the very roots of Good and Evil. Penned by one of Canada’s most surprising dramatists, this powerful work illustrates a most formidable mastery of suspense.