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The Man Who Brought the General Down (Le tombeur du général)



Original Language: French | 240 pp. | March 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French

Over 6,000 copies sold


The writer Julien Green said “life is a novel that needs to be re-written” and Christine Clerc seems to be an expert in doing just that – Daniel Cohn-Bendit on “Social Club” presented by Frédéric Taddeï for Europe 1 

In the footsteps of Brisville’s “Souper”, the two characters size each other up, fight and get closer… – Libération

A plausible dialogue reflecting a choc of generations that cost us deeply. – Le Figaro

May 28, 1968: Dany, a radical student leader who had been expelled from France, slips back over the border from Germany. When he stops in Paris, his comrades tell him his lawyer has been desperately trying to reach him. “The President of France wants to see you.”

What follows is an imaginary interaction between two icons; General de Gaulle and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. One is 77 – a military man and an intellectual, with deep roots in French history, devoted to the over-arching interests of the Nation. The other is 23, an anti-communist and anti-capitalist anarchist. But each of them is curious about the other, and leaps at the chance to tell the other what they think. The two men have a fascinating discussion about political power, patriotism, the ironbound hierarchy of industrial societies, peoples’ capacity for self-governance… and sexual liberation.