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The Ladies Man (De Meisjesmagneet)



Original Language: Dutch | 304 pp. | January 2019

2 Seas Represents: World excl. Dutch rights

Over 100,000 copies sold in Jackie Van Laren’s books

Reinout Hollebeecq, prim, proper and slightly insecure, is moving to Amsterdam to study Dutch. He dreams of love, but doesn’t dare believe that he could ever be taken seriously by a girl. His only escape is music; he’s a wonderful pianist and singer, but restricts himself to classical music.

In Amsterdam, Reinout moves into an apartment above that of a girl his own age. She’s a bass player in a metal band, has an on-off relationship with the band’s rugged lead singer and lives life on the edge. The differences between them couldn’t be bigger. But when the lead singer drops out and the girl asks Reinout to join the band, a whole new world opens up for him. A world in which he can rediscover himself and finally lose his insecurity, his shyness and even his virginity.

But is reinventing himself as a ladies man really the best way to win his downstairs neighbor’s heart?

Jackie van Laren (1968) has two great passions in her life: music and storytelling. At a young age she already wrote poetry and songs. She studied Dutch and English Literature, is lead singer in various bands and works in publishing. The Q Trilogy was her debut as a novelist.