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The Kitchen Chronicles: 1001 Lunches with J. Krishnamurti


Original Language: English (USA) | 302 pages | April 1997

2 Seas Represents: Translation Rights World Wide
Rights Sold: Chinese Simplified (Fuller Culture & Media), Chinese Complex (Bright Culture), Japanese (Cosmos Library), Korea (Yolimwon), and Spanish World Rights (Kairos).
The Kitchen Chronicles is a moving and surprisingly humorous memoir by the cook to one of the 20th Century’s great figures, Indian-born philosopher J. Krishnamurti. In a modern quest for truth the author chronicles the daily life in Krishnamurti’s kitchen and at his table. This insightful, fast-paced memoir reveals the private life of Krishnamurti, his splendid sense of humor, his affectionate friendships, and probing intelligence. Photographs place Krishnamurti in his California home with friends and associates.
The Kitchen Chronicles will give you insight into the nuances of mood as well as spirit in the consciousness of one of the greatest sages of our time. As you go through these lunches, you will experience the complexity, simplicity, and humor in the diet and personality of this great being who influenced so many of us. ~ Deepak Chopra
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