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The Idea M/F (Het Idee M/V)



Original Language: Dutch | 244 pages | 2010

2 Seas Represents: Translation Rights Worldwide.
Detailed, 7-page English presentation available.
On the origins of male-female differences: A true eye-opener for adherents of the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”-theory.

This book offers a – much needed – new perspective on male female differences. It challenges current popular theory and shows how recent scientific discoveries tell a surprising and quite different story. The writing is accessible for a broad audience while also containing detailed notes and references for the more specialized reader. Upon publication it generated much debate in the Dutch media as well as in the scientific community.

Asha ten Broeke’s style is lighthearted, fun, and entertaining and has often been compared to Mary Roach’s style. “The Idea M/F” is Asha’s first book.

Quotes taken from Dutch and Belgian media coverage:

“Written with ease and humor, it is full of eye-openers for the millions of people who follow the Mars-and- Venus-prophets.” ~ VPRO’s Noorderlicht

“Ten Broeke wants to liberate caring fathers and ambitious mothers from the straightjacket of prejudice.” ~ NRC Next

“In the stagnant discussion on nature versus nurture (…) offers a fresh new road.” ~ Opzij

“Very funny. Ten Broeke brings new life to dry science and even makes it exciting. Her style is fluent and fresh. Science is fun!” ~

“Combines thorough research and an upbeat manner to disprove our dogmas.” ~ De Morgen