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The House on the Burning Island (La casa sull’isola che brucia)



Original Language: Italian | 335 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: World English, French, Dutch, Nordic and Portuguese rights.

Rights sold: Germany (Penguin Verlag, at auction), France (Fayard, in a pre-empt), Sweden (Forum, in a pre-empt)

English sample available.


The island is the obscure world within each one of us, where fear and love battle constantly. This strip of Corsica, the house on the cliff, Teresa and her restlessness, those who love her and those who want to harm her … you’ll find it all, and you’ll miss it once you finish to read. Emma Piazza has written an unequalled Mediterranean psychological suspense with international range, capable of seducing, moving and scaring us. — Michele Rossi, Head of Italian Fiction, Rizzoli

Such a compelling and beautiful read! We will place it as a Paula Hawkins from the Mediterranean. It’s the perfect sweet spot between suspense and women’s fiction. Picking up the dramatic atmosphere of Corsica, it has a romantic sense paired with menace, hidden family secrets,  a woman in distress à la Hitchcock who finds herself and takes back her island and childhood. — Teresa Knochenhauer, Bokförlaget Forum

When you’re threatened by the very people who should be protecting you, all certainty is shaken. A family destroyed by vendetta. A countdown with no way out. A life to protect. A truth to reveal. On an island where no-one has the courage to tell the truth anymore, because everyone’s been a traitor.

The sun rises out of the sea and the soft colours of dawn spread through the air. Nothing seems to recall the shadows of the night that has just passed. Teresa is motionless before the steep cliff plunging down to the water. Something is wrong in that perfect picture of sky and sea, wind and trees. Her grandmother’s body is spread out on the rocks in an unnatural position, her empty eyes staring into her own. Has one night really been sufficient to destroy everything? She should never have come back to the island. But the promise of inheriting a house have led her to retrace her childhood footsteps to her father’s territory, in Corsica. Teresa harbours enormous strength inside herself – the same fire generated by the island – but now she’s alone and everything seems too difficult.

The recent end of a relationship, an unwanted child, the impossibility of establishing roots, the painting she should be doing, her great opportunity. Time rushes past and sooner or later everything comes to an end. Despite herself, Teresa finds herself a prisoner of the island, overwhelmed by a whirlwind of mysteries, violence, the flames of revenge.

What is the island wind whispering, what is hidden behind the windows of the house that seems to be persecuting Teresa? And will Teresa be able to save her own life and that of the child she’s bearing, and learning to love day by day? To succeed, she will have to fight everyone and above all herself. She will have to decipher the signs of an obsession that has worked its way beneath the island’s skin.

This is a début with all the power of the sea in winter, which manages to enhance the tones of suspense with the intense shades of universal themes like maternity, the sense of being in the world and the fear within each of us of not being able to reach beyond our limits.


Sweden (Forum), France (Fayard)