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The Greek Sculpture (La Sculpture grecque)



Original Language: French | 448 pp. | 2010

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


From the Charioteer of Delphi to the Parthenon friezes, from the Venus de Milo to the Victory of Samothrace… This book offers a journey through the splendors of Ancient Greece.

Sculpting is THE Greek art and, as painting and music have almost disappeared, the only one we can follow in its continuing evolution through more than a thousand years, from the primitive figurines to the honorary statues of late Antiquity. The materials, subjects, styles, methods of exposure, are presented in a very precise and easy-to-read style, in order to show a complete panorama of this complex aesthetic phenomenon, which benefits from permanent discoveries and studies.

This book presents 125 very famous or less-known works of art (statues, bronzes, steles or figurines): a 1500-year panorama of Greek sculpture, with black and white photographs and commentaries. All the styles, techniques and materials are presented, as well as the major museums to visit.

Bernard Holtzmann, former member of the French School of Athens, taught Greek art and archeology at Paris universities. He is the author of several books on Greek art and on the Acropolis of Athens.